Heatstroke of foreign visitors


What should foreigners pay attention to as for the prevention of heatstroke?

1. About temperature, humidity, perspiratory gland

 Points that foreigners should be careful about heatstroke are different from regionan.

   ⚠︎the amount of perspiratory gland is decided by the weather that you experienced for a long time in your childhood.

2. About consciousness of foreigners

  According to the result of our questionnaires, foreigners do not know about Japan’s climate well, we have to tell more meteorological information useful to prevent heatstroke. More important is how different the climate between Japan and their own countries is. They also need to know which part of Japan’s climate they have to pay attention to. It will contribute to the reduction of the number of foreign heatstroke patients.

   Unfortunately, we cannot confirm the validity of our conclusions. Although the data of the number of people by EMS because of heatstroke is issued by Fire and Disaster Management Agency, there is no information of nationalities included in the data.

What did you know and think from our findings Please make your thoughts stronger. Next is about action to solve the problems.