Heatstroke of foreign visitors

Image of heatstroke by foreigners

What images do foreigners have of the weather in Japan?

  We had questionnaires about heatstroke on the Internet targeting foreigners and got 109 answers from October 24th to November 7th. We also had questionnaires about heatstroke targeting foreign tourists in Ginza on October 31st.
  We analyzed the awareness of heatstroke based on the two questionnaires.
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Q1. How many degrees is the temperature which make you feel hot?
(The quantity of responses:109)
  More than 80 people feel hot by 35℃. There are 20 days when the temperature was higher than 35℃ from July to August. There are more than 64 days when the temperature was higher than 35℃ from July to August. We guess that few of the foreigners can adapt to the weather of Japan.

  Next, we analyzed the questionnaires conducted in Ginza.

Q2. Is Japan’s summer hotter than your country’s? (Color of sticker: red → North America, blue → Europe,
green → Asia, yellow → Oceania, white → South America・Africa)

  The result indicates that more than 50% of people answered Yes.

Q3. Do you feel sick during your summer stay in Japan? (Have you got heatstroke?)   Three out of fifty-six people (5.4%) answered Yes. The number is fewer than we expected. For Japanese population, three out of one hundred people (3%) have experienced heatstroke in summer. As long as we compare these two data, it can be said that foreigners are, more likely to have heatstroke than Japanese.

Q4. Do you know the symptoms of heatstroke and what you should do?    18 people answered No.

  From the questionnaires, we found that those who live in Europe that has lower temperature have difficulties in imagining heatstroke. They do not use the word heatstroke because they rarely worried about it in their own countries. We should let foreign visitors know about heatstroke!