Heatstroke of foreign visitors

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Foreigners need to be careful to heatstroke!
Risk getting heatstroke vary with residences!?

  Recently, “Heatstroke” has been taken into consideration . Can foreigners adapt to exteremely hot weather in Japan?
   Actually, over 70% of foreigners have experienced heatstroke in Japan according to the website of heatstroke to zero. As they are not used to the Japanese weather, they are especially easy to get heatstroke. However, saying, “foreigners are likely to have heatstroke”might be a broad-brush statement to tell the real situations of heatstroke.
Risk of heatstroke differs by environment of living
before coming to Japan

  We distributed a questionnaire about heatstroke targeting foreigners and got the following result. (The quantity of responses:109 Click here for more details about questionnaires)

  These graphs show that over 50% of foreigners imagined Japan’s temperature and humidity in summer as comfortable. Many foreigners answered that they were surprised at Japan’s hot temperature. Many foreigners may not have thought of the danger to have heatstroke in Japan.

  In this website, we analyze the weather conditions which lead to heatstroke easily as well as the awareness of heatstroke among the foreign visitors.

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and humidity

How hot is Japan compared to foreign countries? What is the image of high humidity in foreign countries?

Sweat rate
and THI

Are those who live in the subarctic zones feel difficult to sweat?
Do foreign countries have more comfortable weather than Japan?

Image of heatstroke by foreigners

What images do foreigners have of the weather in Japan?


What should foreigners pay attention to as for the prevention of heatstroke?