Basic knowledge of heatstroke

What is WBGT

What is the indicator showing the risk of heat stroke?

  WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) is proposed for the purpose of prevention of heatstroke in United States in 1954. It focuses on the exchange of heat between the human body and the outside air, it incorporates three of the following:1) humidity, 2) surrounding thermal environment such as solar radiation and radiation and 3) temperature, which have a large influence on the heat balance of the human body. It is calculated using a dry-bulb thermometer, wet bulb thermometer, and black ball thermometer. When this WBGT exceeds the reference value, there is a high possibility to get heatstroke.
  The Ministry of the Environment in Japan provides its information since 2006 as an indicator of the risk of heat stroke.

〇 Guidelines for daily living
   In daily life the following numbers are criterion
(Based on:日本生気象学会「日常生活における熱中症予防指針Ver.3」(2018))

〇 Guidelines for playing sports
   In playing sports the following numbers are criterion
(Based on:日本スポーツ協会「スポーツ活動中の熱中症予防ガイドブック」(2013))

What is Radieation?

…heat, energy, etc. That is sent out in the forms of rays.


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