Basic knowledge of heatstroke


How can we prevent heatstroke?

  Everyone has a risk of getting heatstroke. To prevent it, it is important to have awareness of crisis against heatstroke to pay more careful attention to on a daily basis. We would like to introduce several strategies. Please practice by all means.

Strategy 1:Keep yourself fit in hot season
  In order to prevent yourself from heatstroke, it is necessary to make a strong body against heat. Let's prepare your body to the heat before the temperature rises.

・Sleep Rhythm

・Exercise moderately

・Take salt moderately

Strategies 2:Protect our body from heat in situations that requires attention
  An environment with hot weather or without air-conditioning equipment increases the risk of heatstroke. How to protect yourself from the heat by yourself is important. Drink water and take a break frequently.

・Carry a drink

・Take breaks frequently  

・Check WBGT

Strategies 3:Let's prevent the heat in daily life
  By preventing even a little heat in your daily life, the risk of getting heatstroke can be significantly decreased. You will be able to feel comfortable easily by choosing what you wear and by using air conditioning properly.

・Adjust the temperature in the room

・Wear clothes suitable for the temperature

・Avoid sunshine