Basic knowledge of heatstroke

What is heatstroke

What is heatstroke?

◎ What is heatstroke
  Heatstroke is a collective term for a variety of health hazards that develop when our bodies cannot adjust in a hot and humid environment.

〇 Type of heatstroke
  Heatstroke can be divided into two types- exertion and non-exertion.
  Individuals have exertional heatstroke due to physical labor and sports in hot places. On the other hand, individuals can have non-exertional heatstroke when you spend a long time in hot places. In the chart below, you can see the differences in causes, sex and age of the two types of heatstroke.

(Based on:平成26年度環境省熱中症に係る自治体等担当者向け講習会資料)

〇 Symptom
  Heatstroke has various symptoms. Any of the following symptoms could be a sign of heatstroke.

Level 1:Dizziness of Faint
Level 2:Muscle Pain and Muscle Cramps
Level 3:Abnormal Perspiration
Level 4:Listlessness and Nausea
Level 5:Not Responding when Someone Talks to you or High Body Temperature

〇 Which generation is easier to get heatstroke?
  The following pie chart shows the percentage of people aired by ambulance due to heatstroke. About half of the patients are occupied by elderly people. It indicates that the elderly are more likely to get heatstroke.
  Given the population by age, one in about 150 (0.605%) among elderly, one in about 250 (0.425%) among adolescents, one in about 500 (0.207%) of adults, one in about 2,500 people (0.049%) among infants and newborns, is being carried by EMS due to heatstroke.

(Based on:総務省消防庁熱中症による救急搬送人員数に関するデータ)

〇 Please note these places and days
  It is not only a hot day when you can get heatstroke. In order prevent heatstroke, it is important to know what kind of places, and what kind of days to pay attention to, and take strategies.

Attention should be paid to the following places:
Attention should be paid to the following kind of days: (According to:熱中症環境保全マニュアル)