Basic knowledge of heatstroke

Get to know the "HEATSTROKE" !

  Does the information about heatsroke provide you a more clear image about it?

  It is one of our concerns that people do not have concrete view about the heatstroke.
  The word "heatstroke" is widely used, but most people do not know the symptoms and coping strategies in more detail. Without adequate knowledge of the symptoms or coping strategies of the heatstroke, you cannot protect yourself from having heatstroke. To know more about how dangerous heatstroke is and how to deal with it is necessary for "understanding heatstroke well" and "preventing heatstroke".

  However, there are too much related information which can be summarized into "heatstroke”. Therefore, we summarized it simply in terms of heatstroke causes, symptoms, characteristics, strategies, countermeasure methods. Through our website, we believe you will learn basic information on heatstroke.

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What is heatstroke

What is heatstroke?


How can we prevent heatstroke?

Emergency strategies

What should we do if we catch heatstroke?

What is WBGT

What is the indicator showing the risk of heat stroke?