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◎ Members’ Introductions

Moeka (Leader)
  Once she picks up a pen, her brain starts working with an unbelievable speed! She is no doubt the smartest girl in our school. In the meantime you will also find that she has a very charming personality. With her outstanding academic ability and sense of humor, who can ever be as perfect as this hi-spec lady?

  The hi-spec stunning beauty. Whenever you are in trouble, talk to her and all of a sudden everything will turn out to be ok. Is it magical, or miracle? No, it is the power of beauty. It may not make sense but her newly best friend is Excel. Active, reliable, but can you guess how she copes with exams? Overnight cramming!

  She looks docile, but not inside! Actually she is a lively girl and has a frank and open temperament. She keeps her fighting spirit hidden. She is known as the Goddess of writing. She has amazing communication ability and the thinnest ponytail you have ever seen.

  Placid. She is a girl who is always laid back. In contrast with her looks, her sharp moves in dancing attracts all the audience! If you could press her hidden switch, she will get things done perfected as if it was already programmed.

Rena (The engineer)
  High communication skills. Girly. Anyway, she does everything very well. She thrives for compliments, so please praise her fully! She is little, but her existence is massive!!

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