Olympics and heatstroke

Our proposal

What can we do?
What are advantages and disadvantages?

  We suggest the following five measures based on what we researched so far.

1) Installation of the thermometer which everyone can understand
  We had questionnaires on the temperature index and asked foreigners answer them.(Click here for more information about questionnaires)

Q1. In your country, which unit is used, Celsius degree(℃) or Fahrenheit degree(℉)(the number of responses:109)
Q2. Can you convert degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit, or Fahrenheit to Celsius?

  Those who use Fahrenheit were 8.3%. We assume that most of the foreigners who answered them are Asian people. In the face of statistics, more people use Fahrenheit than the rate of respondents of this survey.

  Which country uses Fahrenheit? According to our survey, it is used in America. In addition, some websites sometimes indicates the United Kingdom, Jamaica, and Philippines, too but we could not know whether they ere being used or used in the past.

  In the second question, about 40% cannot convert degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit or Fahrenheit to Celsius. We think it necessary to share the thermometer which everyone can understand because many people from around the world will visit Japan when the Tokyo Olympics is held.
  Here, let us go through this plot type, the screen of thermometer that we came up with.

  Showing temperature with both Celsius and Fahrenheit, and WBGT with emoticons. (28℃ or below: top emoticon, from 28℃ to 31℃: middle one, 31℃ or above: below one) By using both Celsius and Fahrenheit, visitors all over the world can understand and recognize the temperature correctly. In addition, WBGT is an effective index according to our analysis, and color and illustration are easy to imagine temperature.

  To convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, “Celsius(℃)×1.8+32” and to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, “(Fahrenheit(℉)-32)÷1.8” are available. Furthermore, you can check WBGT easily with the chart below.

2) To put signs or sentences which call attention to heatstroke on plastic bottles and fans in multilingual

  By stating messages of heatstroke prevention to the stuffs which people tend to pick up during hot season, more and more people can see it. It is essential to distribute it to foreigners who do not know about heatstroke in the local weather condition well.

3) Installation of the mist

  Keep your body cool is important to prevent heatstroke. The mists at the stations or streets are very popular. Mists might be effective tools to cool down and refresh yourself especially when you watch sport games for a long time.

4) Installation of water cooler

  Take water is a fundamental measure against heatstroke. By installing water cooler that everyone can feel free to use it, more and more people become drink water frequently.

5) Selling the goods which make us cool down with original design

  Since the goods of Tokyo Olympics are premium, it must be popular. Besides, we are glad to be able to use them while watching as a cooling and commemorative items!!

  We have already suggested to the alum who is working for JOC that these measures should be consider to prevent heatstroke in the Olympic Games.