Olympics and heatstroke


What did we learned from the interview?

  We asked the person who works for Japan Olympic Committee (JOC) and graduated from our high school about the countermeasures against heatstroke.

What we learned

・Renewal of the pavement of roads of road, installation of rest area and nurse’s office are running.
・There is no project about heat in IOC.

  This is the table which compared the temperatures in the cities which had the Olympics. Refer to:5-12歩行者空間の快適性-東京オリンピック・パラリンピック準備局

  Year by year, both temperature and humidity in the host cities has been rising so we need to be careful of the climate.

・Earlier treatments are the keys to reduce serious conditions of heatstroke patients.

・It is hard to spread the information to audience.

・Information will be provided in English, French and Japanese in application when Tokyo Olympics is close at hand.

   In conclusion, Japan’s heat is exceptional and the measures of heat which have never done are needed. Some measures to reduce the patience of heatstroke have been running, so we have to strengthen measures of raising the awareness of Japan’s heat and heatstroke.

  We will show our ideas of how to prevent heatstroke at Tokyo Olympics on the next page.