Olympics and heatstroke


What is the opinion for real?

  References. In addition, we did questionnaires to Japanese and foreigners to think good measures which are based on people's opinions. (Click here for more informations about questionnaires)

◎ Japanese

  We had questionnaires about the countermeasures against heat at Tokyo Olympics. 312 Japanese people answered them on the Internet in October 2018.

Q. The followings are the countermeasures against heat at Tokyo Olympics. Please choose the ones that you know. (the number of responses: 312)

(Others were mist shower, NIKKE COLTON PLAZA Ichikawa, greening pavements, water splicing, to bring forward a start time of marathon and specific coating on the street.)

 → As a consequence, more than 40% of people did not know anything about the countermeasures. We can say they are not spreading at the present moment.

◎ Foreigners

  We had questionnaires of the countermeasures against heat at Tokyo Olympics. 153 foreigners replied on the Internet in October and November 2018. We had on-the-street interviews targeting foreign visitors at Ginza on Octorber 31th.

Q1. Do you think you can get the appropriate information on the climate or weather in Japan? (The number of responses 153)

 → People who answered “cannot get” or “can get a little” were 18%. It is easy to check the climate in foreign countries, but we think it important to inform meteorological information in Japan more and foreigners who visit Japan have to pay attention to not only temperature but also humidity.

Q2.Will you be worried about Japan’s temperature if you come to 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games? (the number of responses: 165)

(Color : Red→ North America, Blue→ Europe, Green→ Asia, Yellow→ Oceania, White→ South America, Africa)

 → Those who answered “worried” or “worried a little” were 20%. Behind this consequence, we think there are many people who do not worry about Japan’s temperature and also do not know how dangerous the heat in Japan is. It is necessary to get rid of the fear of heat in Japan, but the most important thing is to have dangerous heat in Japan known more to foreigners.

Q3.Instead of the units of Celsius and Fahrenheit, which of the following ideas do you think is the best? (the number of responses: 109)

*Climate Analogue: Using the description of the condition which is extremely similar to that in your own country to describe weather conditions
Illustration: Using icons or simple pictures to describe weather conditions
Color: Using simple colors to describe weather conditions (e.g. Red: Very hot, etc.)

What is Regional Climate Analogue (RCA)?

… To describe the local climate condition that you want to know by the description of the condition which is extremely similar to that in your own country. (e.g. If you live in Japan and want to know about the climate condition in summer in Madhu, Sri Lanka, RCA gives you the description like “the climate there is as humid as that in Tokyo, Japan”)

 → As a result, “Color” was the most popular. We think that the most efficient way is to show the temperature by color and illustration and to show examples by RCA.