Olympics and heatstroke


  Why did we focus on Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games (the Tokyo Olympics)?

  We focus on the Tokyo Olympics as the circumstances carry high risk of having heatstroke for both Japanese locals and foreigners in every age.

  Japan Olympic Committee (JOC) announce the word “SDGs Olympics”. SDGs Olympics proposed the Olympic Games considering the environment and human rights. SDGS also aims to realize a sustainable society in the sports field. To make it in harmony with the environment, paying more attention to heatstroke at Tokyo Olympics is inevitable, we think.

  Moreover, we believe that it is important to focus on heatstroke and its prevention during the Tokyo Olympics. We would like to realize our efforts of exploring more effective and efficient ways to deal with heatstroke and hopefully it becomes an opportunity to ,make use of our project to contribute to the awareness-raising of heatstroke.

  We explored prevention of heatstroke during Tokyo Olympics by analyzing data online and from our questionnaires to Japanese and foreigners. In addition, we also interviewed Ms. Kaori Fujisawa, our graduate who work at JOC.

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What did we learned from the interview?

for 2020

What kind of measures of heatstroke are taken for Tokyo Olympics?


What is the opinion
for real?

Our proposal

What can we do? What are advantages and disadvantages?

Add up

What should we do for the Tokyo Olympics?