Heatstroke of Japanese

Summary of heatstroke in Japan

  After learning about the heatstroke in Japan, do you feel more motivated to know more about the issue and to prevent heatstroke?

  Our hypothesis turned out to be right, which is necessary to analyze of segmentation by region and age groups.

1) Age

  The timing caring about heatstroke differs from age groups.

2) Place

  In terms of regional analysis, especially the metropolitan areas and western Japan need attention.

3) Point

  Raising the awareness of the risk of heatstroke plays an important role in dealing with the issue. It also links to our goal, which is to increase the awareness of heat stroke and reduce the number of patients who suffer from heat stroke.

  Please check the following pages, where we disseminated our findings and verified its effect in dealing with heatstroke.

We focused on the case of Japanese.
Let's think about heatstroke of foreign visitors next.