Heatstroke of Japanese

Effectiveness of WBGT

WBGT is no doubt an Effective Indicator!

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  Here we introduce the pros and cons about WBGT (the index showing the risk of heatstroke).
The awareness of WBGT
  From October 22th to 24th, we had a questionnaire on tha Internet targeting Japanese expect Ochanomizu University Senior High School students. In addition, we had a questionnaire targeting Ochanomizu University Senior High School students.(Click here for more information about questionnaires which we did.) The following charts is the results of the questionnaire on the awareness of WBGT.

Q. Do you know WBGT?(The number of responses:left…312, right…216)

   The pie chart on the left indicates that about 70% of people have never heard of WBGT. The participants are non-ochanomizu university senior high school students. It shows that the concept of WBGT is far from widespread at the national level. Furthermore, only 10% or less participants know WBGT and can explain what it is. Although the word itself is being mentioned a lot on the news these days, our research indicates that many people did not know it at all, or they have only heard of the word itself without knowing the meaning.
  The chart on the right indicates that about 60% of people have never heard of WBGT. The participants are ochanomizu university senior high school students.The recognition of WBGT is much lower than we expected. In our school, it is natural that teachers measure the value of WBGT three times a day, and our athletic club activities and physical education classes have been often limited by the result. That is why we expected that most students in our school recognize WBGT. Even though WBGT is used on a daily basis, it may not tied to the awareness or publicity and the understanding of WBGT. In addition, among the people who have replied knowing WBGT, about 60% of them understand WBGT is 31℃, which means exercise prohibition. Therefore, it is another challenge for students to understand WBGT correctly.

  In this way, as WBGT is an important indicator, its overall recognition is low. To actually use it as an effective indicator, it is important to rainse its awareness and correct understanding first.
Our failure stories
  We once tried and found it was impossible to make an indicator which is easier to understand with simple mechanism and is superior to WBGT. We also tried to improve WBGT to raise its correlation with heatstroke patients. However, we only end up with a complex, variable-filled formula, and an confusing indicator which leads to the conclusion that the lower the value is, the more risky the heatstroke is.

  We considered WBGT as a valid index even though it has some disadvantages. Besides, WBGT itself is not sufficient to judge the risk of heatstroke. However, it is still important to raise the awareness of heatstroke for the prevention of heatstoroke. It is necessary to spread WBGT as an indicator and promote people to use it in daily life.