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What do you think about heatstroke through our website?

  We created the website in order to achieve two cycles of solving the problems of heatstroke.

  The first cycle is solving the problems of heatstroke patients. Those who did not know about the increasing number of heatstroke patients or how to take measures can also learn and think heatstroke by watching our website. Now you are standing in the starting point. Hence, we would like you to know about heatstroke, think about it as your own problems, and take measures.

  The second cycle is thinking about your original ideas on heatstroke. As the title shows “What heatstroke makes connect with? -From heatstroke to your own problem-”, by learning about heatstroke on this website, we would like you to think about your own “answers” fit in our website title. Each person has different “answers”. Therefore, we would like you to find and start thinking about “answers” that you can get from our website on heatstroke, and take a step toward solving the problems around the world.

Please visit the following address of our website and tell us your opinion about what you could think about on heatstroke. Your replies will be reflected to our website! We look forward to your answers, ideas,
original or useful measures against heatstroke.