Action to solve the problems

Producing leaflet


  Tell the risk of heatstroke to as many foreign visitors and Japanese as possible in the the way that we send our messages of the results of our analysis.

◎ Leaflet for foreigners
 Click here for the leaflet (PDF)

  We integrated what foreigners should pay attention to concisely because it is suggested for use in foreigners. We put global map to take an interest in heatstroke for foreigners from every country and also to let them compare Japan and their own country.
  We distributed this leaflet to those who answered our questionnaires when we conducted on-the-street questionnaires.(Click here for more information about questionnaire)

  We could get comments, “It is easy to understand!” “Beautiful!” “Are you high school students? Fantastic!” from the foreign tourists.

◎ Leaflet for Japanese
 Click here for the leaflet (PDF)

  We would like people to get interested in the leaflet by telling the current situations with the information mentioned on the first page. To have people read the leaflet more easily, we used tables and graphs. We handed this leaflet to the first and second grades students of Ochanomizu University Senior High School.

 Also, we put it at the library of Ochanomizu University and b-lab, the building for junior and senior high school students in Bunkyo-ku.

(Left:the library of Ochanomizu University Right:b-lab)

  We checked the effectiveness of this leaflet with the worksheets that we made.
  We introduce the result on the next page.