Action to solve the problems

Our actions to solve heatstroke

 What did we do?

   We took many actions to solve the problems of heatstroke such as survey, to improve people’s consciousness for heatstroke, and to make people to get more knowledge. (Click here to move the page about our activities) It is fundamental to let more people understand heatstroke well. Please check what we analyzed so that you can think about heatstroke in various ways.
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Our paper and poster

Introduce the article and the poster which we created.

Questionnaires which we did

Introduce the questionnaires which we did in detail.


Introduce the leaflet which we created.

Verification of leaflet

Validate our leaflet whether it is really effective.

the movie

We produced the video about heatstroke. Please watch it!


This is a simple quiz about heatstroke. Please try it!